Tampa Bay Startup Weekend November 24,2013 DEMO LIST!



Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Tampa Bay November 22-24,2013. Interested in watching the pitches? Buy a demo ticket here at Eventbrite Hope to see you there!

Final Reminder for teams* Fill Out Team Survey If You Want To Present.(survey.startupweekend.org).





Spot-On offers a real-time locator of people affected by natural disasters. The Spot-On Sleeve is a wearable device tracked by satellite systems that unlike other communication systems, remain unaffected by natural disasters.



Mentoring services that help veterans and active duty military members to transition into professionals that can succeed in the civilian environment.


Grow N Go


Your child’s passport to cultures around the globe! Developmental products to provide your child with a world of advantage.





A mobile app that lets you create multiple instances of apps allowing you to use multiple user names for ANY app along with getting ALL the notifications.




A startup bringing “Tweet-to-Speech” to the active Twitter follower.

Now you can keep listening to your Twitter feed while on the go.


EZ Beacon


Location-Based (BLE) Customer Data and Analytics





At ConnectED develop software that helps students, parents, and teachers. We help streamline educational software, producing user friendly apps!




We want to answer a simple question: Can I eat that? Currently, apps only let you choose between the eight FDA allergies. We’re building a mobile solution with an open ended filter; something you can use to find out quick and WAZINIT.

Twitter: @WazInIt


A subscription site for professional auctioneers who want to easily search for potential clients to make prospecting more efficient and more effective.


Tech Bay


Craigslist meets local tech aggregation for news, events, jobs and crowdfunding.

Tech Bay


Check Alive


Development of a platform that uses predictive analytics for nonintrusive monitoring of loved ones’ well being, leveraging the Internet of Things.


Beer over here


BeerOverHere is an app that gives craft beer drinkers a place to find a local location to purchase craft beer, to bring home!


Connect 2 Couponers

We are connecting the couponers and the people that don’t want to waste time to cut out coupons. We provide the ability for couponers to earn money and the consumers to save money.



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