Startup Weekend Tampa Bay June 7-9, 2013 DEMO LIST!


Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Tampa Bay June 7-9, 2013. Interested in watching the pitches? Buy a demo ticket here at Eventbrite. Hope to see you there!
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Journacloud will provide tailored open source data analysis, security and visualization tools, training and consulting to newsrooms.

Tea Party Cottage
Tea Party Cottage is a charming party venue offering young girls and their families a unique tea party experience. During a tea party, girls will choose from a wide selection of dresses and accessories and get hair and makeup done in the dressing room, take photos on stage in a fashion show, and finally sit down for a formal tea party in the dining room. Tea parties are private for all guests, as well as hassle-free so that families can enjoy the experience.



We provide a mobile service that enables our users to claim deals, determine wait time, and find your friends.


Live Warfare
Live Warfare uses augmented reality that turns your mobile devices into handheld simulations of FPS games, paintball and more.



Life Hero is an EPIC productivity tool designed to help you accomplish life goals & tasks by “gamifying” life!
You create an avatar in the app that you can equip with sweet armor and loot earned through the completion of real-life tasks and challenges that you select from our quest library.
You can then share your victories (and humiliations!) with friends and family through social networks.

TribeSpotter is the landing page company created to help you find your tribes of customers and prospects that align with your company and brand.



Creating an application for learning languages via interactive stories.


Top It Off

Top It Off
Develop a mobile application that provides the most convenient and easily accessible gas station near an airport rental car return.


Startup Legal Toolkit
A law practice focusing on start-ups offering a low cost toolkit and workshop utilizing cloud computing, client portals, and video conferencing to help entrepreneurs navigate through the process of launching a business.

Our solution will help reduce costs to hospitals from readmissions while improving patient care via identifying appropriate tests to better diagnose patients. This will increase profits and reduce liabilities to hospitals by suggesting necessary patient scans are completed before admission and discharge, documenting pre-existing conditions prior to admission and ensuring patients are sufficiently healthy before discharge.



Showrüm is a B2B2C Software-as-a-Service solution for clothing store retailers. Store sales associates will use the application to stay on top of scheduling, communicate with customers, and enhance the store’s omni-channel presence.

More than 900,000 people were reported missing in 2012, this is why we are developing StreetWize. StreetWize is a smart phone app that taps into police scanner and emergency service communications and delivers it to your smart phone in real time. Using the geo tracking technology found in all smartphones, StreetWize allows users to access real time crime data, respond to that information or report crimes as they are happening.
StreetWize enables every smartphone user to become the eyes and ears of public safety and in turn is revolutionizing the public safety system and changing lives.


The goal is to meld technology that is available to us and give useful information to be used in real-time while planning (or not) your night out. The NITELIFE NAVIGATOR Application will offer real world solutions to real world problems while doing the seemingly impossible, keeping things simplistic and providing complete knowledge of where to go and what to do while on vacation.



Must Attend Events
Website that offers discounted tickets to consumers for business related events (conferences, trade shows, conventions, networking events) which can be very costly to attend. The site also offers a tool for event organizers to market their event to an expanded network with the option to use the sites ticket sale and event registration system. Think Groupon meets Eventbrite.


Made Open
We provide a secure personal cloud across the world to give people control over their digital life.



Our company, BuySignal, is developing a dashboard to help businesses identity and engage sales leads that display buy signals on social media. Undiscovered leads that sell.



An simple platform for building websites for special occasions.


We are very excited for the variety of teams and the attendees passion for their projects. Make sure you don’t miss the final pitches.
Your Startup Weekend Tampa Bay Team!