Where Are They Now and What Should You Expect From Startup Weekend Tampa, An Interview With EXMO


It’s been around 6 months since our last Startup Weekend. I (Kim) had a chance to catch up with first place winners, Team EXMO this week to see where they’re at and what they’ve been up to these days.

Here’s how it went:

How would you describe your experience at Startup Weekend Tampa? 

Todd: One word. Awesome. I came in with an idea, built up a team, iterated a ton during the weekend, and came out on the other side with a business opportunity. Where else can you do that in a weekend?

I enjoyed the speakers, mentors, and flow of the weekend …plus, the food was awesome.logo2@2x

What have some of your struggles been since November?

Todd: Having a huge ambitious vision and only being able to develop so quickly is challenging. We know where we want to head towards, but you can only develop, test, and get feedback so quickly. We’re always saying to ourselves “just one more feature”, but in the end, shipping products quickly is key. To force ourselves to ship quickly and get feedback we’ve been working with a small group of users and testers to get feedback before we launch our public beta.

Have you had much support since Startup Weekend in November?

Todd: The Tampa startup community has been one of keys to success so far. The community is highly supportive and wants to see us succeed. Everyone from the Startup Weekend organizers to tech organizations in the area have been working with us to get our product to market.

Do you have any tips for those attending our June 7-9th event?

Todd: Don’t stress over a prototype –  I think too many teams focus on strictly the tech component and not the business model behind it. We iterated so many times during the course of the weekend that we didn’t even demo anything. We had a solid business model, provided some mocked up screenshots, and had an interactive presentation. Get creative and know that technology alone won’t help you win Startup Weekend. Also, talk to everyone – We talked to organizers, attendees, event sponsors, and pretty much anyone who would give us a few minutes of their time. Share your ideas, get feedback, and don’t be afraid to pivot.

What is EXMO?

Todd: EXMO makes events easier for event organizers and more interactive for attendees. We enable event organizers to create a native mobile app for their event in minutes for free. By connecting attendees before, during, and after the event, organizers are able to provide a better experience for their attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. Our platform allows for effortless creation and promotion of the app, along with analytics to measure how attendees utilize and engage with it. We believe every event should have a mobile app and EXMO makes it easy and fun to create one.

Please show support and sign up for their public beta that opens on June 7th at www.getEXMO.com
Still haven’t purchased your ticket to Startup Weekend Tampa Bay at USF (June 7-9)? Visit http://swtampa0613.eventbrite.com/