Bar Camp/ Code Camp 2012


This past Saturday was BarCamp, CodeCamp ( in Tampa Bay. Some Startup Weekend Tampa ( volunteers and I committed to helping make the event a success. This year was different than all the events in the past because it was the first time the two events were held together.

Startup Weeekend Tampa volunteers helping out at Bar Camp/ Code Camp.

We arrived at USF College of Business Administration early in the morning to help set up and get ready for the over 1,000 registrants that were about to arrive. It was our responsibility to hold down registration. It was really exciting because we got to meet everyone coming in the door from participants, VIP supporters, speakers, sponsors and more. It was a great mix of right and left brained people as we like to call it. The left-brained people were there for CodeCamp or to learn about new technologies in a classroom setting with a set schedule. The right-brained people were there for BarCamp to learn about new topics in technology, startups or whatever impromptu topics that came about. Now don’t get me wrong there are definitely people that came for both and are both right and left brained, and they were going to be busy.

Participants signing up for talks at Bar Camp/ Code Camp Tampa Bay.

“CodeCamp to the right, BarCamp to the left,” I kept telling people as they registered and got their maps. The CodeCamp schedule was printed on the map right besides a blank schedule for BarCamp. If you have never been to BarCamp, the schedule is completed by the attendees the morning of the event. For BarCamp topics for talks ranged from social commerce to intellectual property and marketing panels to coding tips. CodeCamp has a planned schedule the covers different topics like transitioning to a new platform and analytics for your mobile phone.

From start to finish the energy at the event was amazing and inspiring. Economic Development organizations and news reporters were off to the side getting coverage of this powerful event and how it spurs the energy to continue technology growth in Tampa. The event would not have been possible without the dedication of all the organizers and sponsors. Every organizer was hands on during the event and sponsors were on hand connecting and engaging the community.

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I would highly recommend signing up for the next event. The event usually happens once a year during October so keep that in mind.